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Product development

You have an idea which is in just scribbling stage or you have a functional product which needs a different face? we at conceptive are good in bringing the best shape to your product. Our code masters are good in business and technology. We offer a complete package for a software product company. Our services include design, development, testing, documentation, implementation and support.Our wide technical knwoledge will also help in choosing the best technologies for your product to reduce your effort. You give us a brief and we promise to give back a world class product.


Tech consulting

Many businesses do not want their tech team to be elsewhere and try to solve problems. Startups have less count of people working in agile mode to meet deadlines and so is the case with medium sized companies. Top management in these companies do multiple roles to achieve the resutls. Conceptive consulting model works perfect for such companies where our tech gurus will be part of your team, guiding them in the right direction which follows your ideas and vision. We will be a layer above your team to make things fatser.


Machine learning & NLP

Machine Learning is one of the most widely used skill in many business applications. ML can be implemented using wide variety of tools but we have to always consider models to training using the data. A thorough process with algorithmic approach is a mandate to have control of tool. Our experience of working with many libraries and popular tools will surely be an added advantage for your application. Our team comes with strong education background and this backed with even stronger ML knowledge enables us to build applications using ML tools and librariers like Weka, OpenNLP, Apache Mahout.


Web and mobile development

It is the era of mobile and there has been huge shift of applications from web to mobile over the past few years. But, the scope of web applications is not faded yet as many industries are web focused for managing the organizational data or customer needs. We come with a profound skill set and experience of developing robust web applications, deploying and supporting for all upgrades. Our team of UI specialists and engineering minds will deliver world class web and mobile applications.


UI/UX Design

This is the age of design and every one talks of good design, bad design and user experience design. Any application or product developed by a company has to look good and be usable. UX is not about making things look good but it's about understanding the users, empathize with them and deliver what they need. The final product should match the user behaviour patterns. Our UX team is a combination of research experts, UI designers and graphic designers. We start things with design, freeze the flow with user journeys and proceed to development and next tasks.


Got a project?

Conceptive is a one stop solution to just walk in with your requirement and walk out with a solution. Have a project to discuss? we are all ears.

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